Pennant Hills Bridge Club

Annual Congress

Our annual Teams Congress for 2019 will be held on Sunday 13th October. The NEW venue is

Roselea Community Centre
645-671 Pennant Hills Road

(Between the M2 and North Rocks Rd)

For enquiries re our Annual Congress, contact the Convener Trish Grigson on 9484 2996.

Member information

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Honour Roll

Year Club Pairs Championship Mixed Pairs Championship Hans Eisler Pairs A & D Munro Pairs
2018 Cevat Emul, Catherine Zhang Titus Ling & Wei Zhang Titus Ling & Wei Zhang Witold Chylewski & Linda Aubusson
2017 David Boga &
Rosa Pang
Don Plumb & Jan Plumb Cevat Emul, Catherine Zhang Glenys Fitzpatrick & Edward Kantor
2016 Witold Chylewski & Linda Aubusson Clare Gallagher & Bill Boulton Bina Kassam &
Henry Chu
David Boga &
Rosa Pang
2015 John Briggs &
Jennifer Rothwell
Shirley Arnold &
Terry Bodycote
Witold Chylewski & Linda Aubusson Peter Bendlestein & Terry Bodycote
2014 Titus Ling & Eric Lam David Boga &
Rosa Pang
Shirley Arnold & Annette Marshall Hugo Pipal &
Dianne Pottwe
2013 Kelsey Chen &
John Clifton
Berenice Folkard &
Ross Folkard
Titus Ling &
Malcolm Martin
Peter Lipthay & Malcolm Martin
2012 Witold Chylewski & Linda Aubusson Paul Weaver & Margaret Klassen Adele Anderson & Richard Wydell David Boga &
Rosa Pang
2011 Shirley Arnold & Annette Marshall David Boga & Rosa Pang Terry Bodycote & Peter Bendelstein Gideon Azar &
Malcolm Crabb
2010 Ranjit Limaye &
John Clifton
Les Marks &
Jennifer Rothwell
Dougal Fraser &
Denis Symon
Hugo Pipal & Joan Gee
2009 Frances Lyon & Charles Klassen Beryl Amphlett & Ranjit Limaye Elizabeth Wilson & Jane Russ Nandu Gangal &
Ranga Rajan
2008 John Briggs &
Sarah Rutherford
Terry Collins & Louise Collins Bruce Fox & Jennifer Rothwell Nandu Gangal &
John Clifton
2006 Les Grewcock & Marek Kolodziejczyk Charles Klassen & Margaret Klassen Martin Clear & Fay Bean Ranjit Limaye &
John Clifton
2006 John Briggs &
Sarah Rutherford
Baogou Sun &
Lesley Gao
Denis Symon & Yolande Shore Tony Fallet &
Fay Bean
2005 John Briggs &
Sarah Rutherford
Witold Chylewski & Annette Marshall David Boga &
Tarik Seckin
Nandu Gangal &
Ranga Rajan
2004 John Fields &
Annette Marshall
Helen Milward & Robert Milward Marek Kolodziejczyk & Berri Folkard Shirley Arnold &
Anna Thomas
2003 Mohammed Akhyani
& Burt Schaafsma
Marek Kolodziejczyk & Berri Folkard
2002 George Greenwood & Anna Thomas
2001 John Briggs &
Judith Johnstone
Vince Cariola &
Phil Kline
2000 Ron Fitzgerald & Jennifer Rothwell John Briggs &
Judith Johnstone
Vince Cariola & Priscilla Brown, Clare Gallagher & Jenny Spencer
1999 Angela Dougall & Kevin Dougall Angela Dougall & Kevin Dougall Terry Collins & Louise Collins, Vince Cariola John Briggs & Judith Johnstone
1998 Gary Wilson & Elizabeth Wilson Angela Thoms & Kevin Dougall Shirley Arnold &
Anna Thomas
Sarah Rutherford & Angela Dougall, Beryl Ahmed & Dick Terry
1997 Shirley Arnold & Eddie Langham Shirley Arnold & Anna Thomas, Angela Thoms & Kevin Dougall John Briggs & Judith Johnstone


Year Club Teams Championship President's Teams Daytime Pairs Championship Swiss Pairs Championship
2018 David Boga, Rosa Pang, Judy Zhu,
Shu Yang
Cevat Emul,
Catherine Zhang,
Linda Aubusson,
Witold Chylewski
Annette Marshall & Phaik Yao Judy Zhu &
Shu Yang
2017 David Boga, Rosa Pang, Judy Zhu,
Shu Yang
Denise Barnes, Eric Lam, Edward Kantor, Hamid Sadigh Harish Patney &
Bruce Fox
Tony Fallet &
Fay Bean
2016 Titus Ling, Margaret Klassen, Judy Zhu,
Shu Yang
Annette Marshall, Shirley Arnold, Joan Stobo, Phaik Yao Larry Shek & Linda Shek David Boga &
Rosa Pang
2015 David Boga, Rosa Pang,  Linda Aubusson, Witold Chylewski David Boga, Rosa Pang, Linda Aubusson, Witold Chylewski Ranjit Limaye &
Bijan Assaee
Tony Fallet &
Fay Bean
2014 David Boga, Rosa Pang, Margaret Klassen, Bijan Assaee Cevat Emul, Titus Ling, Margaret Klassen, Bijan Assaee Dominic Kwok &
Bijan Assaee
David Boga &
Rosa Pang
2013 Linda Aubusson, Witold Chylewski, Peter Bendlestein, Terry Bodycote Clare Gallagher, Peter Bamborough, Charles Klassen, Bijan Assaee Clare Gallagher & Elizabeth Wilson Judy Brooking &
Sia Parsanejad
2012 Not awarded Cevat Emul, Catherine Zhang, Paul Weaver, Margaret Klassen Bina Kassam &
Pauline Gumby
Joan Stobo &
Glenys Fitzpatrick
2011 Fiona Ballard, Charles Klassen, Margaret Klassen, Phaik Yao Cevat Emul, Catherine Zhang, Nu Beasley, Geoff Stein John Briggs &
John Clifton
Witold Chylewski & Linda Aubusson
2010 Witold Chylewski, Linda Aubusson, David Boga, Rosa Pang Witold Chylewski, Linda Aubusson, David Boga, Rosa Pang Ranjit Limaye &
Nandu Gangal
Ian Corney & Kevin Judd
2009 John Briggs, Sarah Rutherford, Les Marks, Jenny Rothwell Witold Chylewski, Linda Aubusson, David Boga, Margaret Klassen Ranjit Limaye &
Neville Nott
Terry Bodycote & Peter Bendelstein
2008 Beryl Amphlett, Lesley Guo, Clare Gallagher , Peter Bamborough Annette Marshall, Shirley Arnold, David Boga, Margaret Klassen Ranjit Limaye &
Beryl Amphlett
Patricia Grigson & Clare Gallagher
2007 John Briggs, Sarah Rutherford, John Clifton, Ranjit Limaye Annette Marshall, Shirley Arnold, Charles Klassen, Margaret Klassen Ranjit Limaye &
Beryl Amphlett
Tony Fallet &
Chris Lelliott
2006 Marek Kolodziejczyk, Berri Folkard, Witold Chylewski, Les Grewcock Gary Wilson, George Greenwood, Terry Collins, Louise Collins John Briggs &
Jennifer Rothwell
Nandu Gangal & Ranjit Limaye
2005 Marek Kolodziejczyk, Berri Folkard, Witold Chylewski, Annette Marshall Sue Cooper, Kathleen Davies, Jean Allen, Margaret Debus John Briggs &
Jennifer Rothwell
Gwen Hammond & Jane Russ
2004 Tony Fallet, Leonora Walker, Terry Potter, Diane Potter Anna Thomas, Shirley Arnold, Peter Bamborough,  Clare Gallagher  
2003 Annette Marshall, David Boga, Angela Dougall, Kevin Dougall George Greenwood, Burt Schaafsma, Terry Potter, Diane Potter    
2002 Annette Marshall, David Boga, Angela Dougall, Kevin Dougall Jennifer Rothwell, David Boga, Angela Dougall, Kevin Dougall    
2001 Annette Marshall, Bob Birch, Angela Dougall, Kevin Dougall    
2000 John Briggs, Sarah Rutherford, Angela Dougall, Kevin Dougall    
1999 Sarah Rutherford, Angela Dougall Clare Gallagher, Joan Houston, Lelia Dunch